LACNIC Campus Announces Its Calendar for 2023


LACNIC Campus Announces Its Calendar for 2023

The LACNIC Campus announces that registration is now open for its first courses of 2023. This year’s annual calendar will feature 24 editions of 16 different courses offered through LACNIC’s e-learning platform.

Three of these courses are new and will allow students to advance in the different levels of the specializations that the LACNIC Campus began in 2022.

These specializations —ISP Network Operation, Campus Network Operation, and Datacenter Network Operation— build on the courses offered on the Campus. Each one is organized with three levels —basic, intermediate, and advanced— with the possibility of obtaining badges as students advance and complete each level. In fact, the first badges have already been presented to students who completed the basic and intermediate levels of some of the specializations.

It is expected that the first certificates for completing all the levels of each specialization will be presented by the end of 2023 or in early 2024.

Students can complete each level of these specializations in the order they prefer and thus achieve a basic, intermediate, and advanced level of training in the time and in the order that best suits them.

This year’s schedule plans to add three new courses in the second semester: BGP Security with RPKI and IRR, Interconnection of Public and Private Autonomous Systems, and Advanced Network Management.

Each year, the Campus seeks to provide an exceptional service, combining courses and training opportunities by taking advantage of the new tools available for education. In fact, last year 7,582 students participated in 20 editions of the 13 courses that make up the current education and training offering.

The specialization program is an evolution of the technical training courses offered through the LACNIC Campus. It will provide professionals working with LACNIC member organizations and the technical community in general a training path with different levels and content specifically designed to strengthen their skills.

The LACNIC Campus is an e-learning platform that helps network operators, educators, regulators, and governments across the region increase their knowledge and develop their technical skills.

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