Guidelines for LACNIC Blog Contributors 

Who reads LACNIC Blog? 

  • LACNIC Members and the technical community: IT managers, regional network operators,  software and hardware vendors, security solution providers, telecommunications  organizations, and Internet service providers  
  • Government representatives 
  • Members of the regional academic community 
  • Media and other bloggers 
  • basically, anyone interested in LACNIC and the Internet 


  • The tone should be conversational. 
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article. 
  • Article length: article length can range from 500 to 800 words. 
  • Try to use short paragraphs to make the article easier to read 
  • We suggest using images that add value to the written text  (a landscape 72 dpi JPG. ) All images should be attributed and credited.
  • LACNIC News does not promote commercial products or services.
  • LACNIC Blog does not promote commercial products or services. Articles that reference  products or tools developed for the good of the community that are open source or freely  available are accepted. Please don’t be offended if we request changes or decline your article  if it is commercially-driven.

Link Requirements and Policies 

  • Feel free to link other articles published in LACNIC Blog and pages on other websites.  Please note that we may add some internal links ourselves to provide the reader with more  information.


  • We will need a photograph of the author in portrait format, their position, and a link to their  Linkedin profile. 
  • Send your article to . The LACNIC Communications team may  edit your article for clarity and consistency. If we do, we will discuss this with  you before publishing the article to make sure you approve.

The communications team reserves the right to decide whether the article will be translated into other languages, depending on the length of the text and its relevance.