Six Women Selected to Participate in LACNIC’s Mentoring Program


Six Women Selected to Participate in LACNIC’s Mentoring Program

LACNIC’s IT Women project has announced the first six participants selected for the first edition of its mentoring program. This initiative seeks to strengthen the professional development of women who are part of the technical Internet community of Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting their involvement in LACNIC’s participation spaces.

“The mentoring program is a new initiative by IT Women which we are implementing for the first time in 2020. With this project we hope to bring a new generation of women in technology closer to LACNIC, to encourage them to produce knowledge on network management and the deployment of Internet standards in the region, and to motivate them to play a more active role within the LACNIC community,” explained Carolina Caeiro, Development Project Coordinator at LACNIC.

The women selected in this first edition of the program are María Jesús Cresci Barrientos, Dalia Kelly Terán Arévalo, Sanie Elizabeth Benitez, Yisel Elena Tamayo Betancourt, Vanessa de Oliveira Mello and Jaqueline Pereira da Silva, who submitted proposals to produce technical papers on various challenges, experiences and solutions for Internet stability and security. Each of these women will be supported by a mentor who is part of the technical community.

The project submitted by Jaqueline Pereira da Silva of Brazil is titled “Case Study: Implementation of BGP RPKI Architecture in a Juniper Environment in the UFPR ASN to Verify Its Efficiency in Mitigating Information Security Threats.” Wanda Pérez was assigned as her mentor.

Vanessa de Oliveira Mello of Brazil proposed a study on “Network Automation: Idempotence in the Configuration of an AS.” Carlos Martínez will serve as her mentor.

Yisel Elena Tamayo Betancourt of Cuba presented a project titled “Model for Availability Management and Control in the Automation of Technological Infrastructure Monitoring Processes.” Álvaro Retana is her assigned mentor.

Sanie Elizabeth Benítez of Paraguay was selected to participate in the program with her initiative “Enabling a New ASN and IPv4 and IPv6 Prefixes and Distributing Them over a GPon Network.” In her case, she will be supported by her mentor Max Larson Henry.

Dalia Kelly Terán Arévalo of Colombia will be mentored by Nathalia Sautchuk, who will accompany her while she conducts her research titled “Analysis of IPv6 Information Network in a Virtualized Environment.”

Finally, María Jesús Cresci Barrientos of Uruguay will be researching “Software Platforms and Protocols for Effective IoT Development” and will be supported by her mentor Marcela Orbiscay.

Mentors will support their mentees in the production of their technical papers during the mentoring period, which will run from November 2020 to April 2021.

The women selected to participate the mentoring program will also receive complementary training on effective communication from expert Gabriel Vallone and on time management and leadership from Martina Rua and Pablo M. Fernández, authors of the book titled La fábrica del tiempo. They will also have the opportunity to present the results of their work at a session organized by IT Women during the LACNIC 35 event.

For this edition, it was decided to give a special mention and recognition to the finalists who were not selected: Débora Santos of Brazil, Renata Frez de Lima of Brazil, Mylena Vélez of Cuba, Marisol Martins Barros of Brazil, and Ruck Mirleck Rivero of Venezuela. Both the five finalists and the six women selected for the mentoring program will receive free access to all the courses available on the LACNIC Campus, as well as free access to LACNIC 35.

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