The Participation of Professionals in LACNIC’s Training Offerings Increased during 2018


The different educational training tools offered by LACNIC allowed more than 8,800 experts and ICT professionals within the region to attend webinars, workshops and training courses during 2018.

Nearly 4,900 of these experts participated in 14 webinars organized by LACNIC and presented by members of LACINC staff and by representatives of other regional and global organizations. More than 15 hours of training were provided on IPv6, Internet Governance, Security, BGP and LACNIC’s operation and policies. The IPv6 Day webinar had 853 attendees and was the most viewed afterwards.

In addition, the LACNIC Campus awarded more than 2,000 students and professionals their diplomas after having successfully passed the different courses offered through this e-learning platform (Basic IPv6, Advanced IPv6, and BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI.) There was a marked increase in the number of participants as well as in the number of certified students compared to the previous year. This year, the goal is to meet the growing regional demand for e-learning by adding new courses. In 2019, a total of 15 editions will be offered through LACNIC’s online learning platform. You can check the course calendar here.

Finally, the in-person training activities presented by LACNIC experts in the different countries of the region provided training to 1,949 professionals on RPKI, Information Security Incident Management, the creation of Internet Incident Response Teams, Internet Exchange Points (IXP), DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec), among other topics.

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