LACNIC Offers New Online Training Opportunities


LACNIC Offers New Online Training Opportunities

More than 2,500 participants have joined the eight online webinars organized so far in 2019 by LACNIC.

These webinars are part of the educational training tools that LACNIC offers the community through its Training Center. Each of the webinars organized this year was led by speakers from LACNIC and from other regional and global organizations. In fact, two of the online training activities were carried out jointly with CISCO.

For the month of July, LACNIC’s Training Center is preparing new topics to allow the community to access knowledge through this free online training tool.

The dates for the new webinars on security, IPv6, RPKI and other topics will be announced shortly.

Videos on demand. Members of the community who were unable to participate in the webinars can still access the content, as the videos are available online. So far this year, the following webinars have been offered: Transitioning to IPv6 with Mapping Address Translation (together with CISCO), Introduction to BGP + RPKI, How to Become a Leader of the Internet Community, Introduction to Jool, Policy Proposals – LACNIC 31, The “Insecurity” of Things and Introduction to Segment Routing IPv6 (together with CISCO).

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