LACNIC Expands Its Online Educational Offerings


LACNIC Expands Its Online Educational Offerings

The LACNIC Campus has opened registration for its first courses of 2024. This year, LACNIC’s e-learning platform will offer its members and the regional Internet community a total of 28 editions of its various courses.

Anyone who is interested in participating can now register for the following courses: Introduction to Network Management, Basic IPv6 and, starting on 29 January, Interconnection of Public and Private Autonomous Systems (in Spanish).

These courses allow participants to advance in the various levels of the specializations offered by the LACNIC Campus that began in 2022. These specializations offer professionals working with LACNIC member organizations and the technical community in general a training path with different levels and content specifically designed to strengthen their knowledge.

In fact, this year will see the first generation of students to finalize all the courses of one of the three specializations: 13 individuals concluded the three levels of the specialization in ISP Network Operation. These professionals have already acquired enough knowledge to take the certification exam in 2024. Each level of these specializations is available for students to complete in the order they prefer and thus achieve a basic, intermediate, and advanced level of training in the time and the order that best suits them.

New courses. As part of the specialization in Datacenter Network Operation, two new courses will be added to the Campus this year. One will be based on new routing technologies geared towards datacenters, such as the use of BGP in Clos (Spine-Leaf) architectures, massive virtualization and datacenter interconnection using technologies such as VXLAN, EVPN, and segment routing.

The second new course will address the scarcity of IPv4 addresses and the need for IP addresses in existing datacenters, as the increase in virtualization and services at the edge of the network require preparing datacenters to operate based on IPv6. Therefore, the Campus will offer a course on how to implement IPv6-only datacenters, the transition technologies needed to maintain IPv4 as a service, protocols such as SIIT DC, among other topics.

Both courses will be tutor-assisted and are part of the advanced level of the specialization in Datacenter Network Operation.

The LACNIC Campus is an e-learning platform that helps network operators, educators, regulators and governments across the region increase their knowledge, and develop their technical skills.

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