LACNIC Campus: Now a More User-Friendly Platform


LACNIC Campus: Now a More User-Friendly Platform

LACNIC Campus has redesigned its e-learning platform to make it clearer and easier to use.

The CAMPUS portal offers new tools that allow users to readily access the training various offerings, including LACNIC’s Basic IPv6, Advanced IPv6, and BGP and RPKI courses.

Registration for the last editions of the courses scheduled for 2018 will open in the coming days. (See calendar)

Basic IPv6. The home page of the Basic IPv6 course details its duration and format, provides information on where to register, describes the goals and methodology of the course, and shows an introductory video. This course is specifically geared towards network administrators, software developers, network equipment providers, students, teachers, and IT professionals.

Advanced IPv6. In addition to specific information on the training modules, the new site designed for the Advanced IPv6 course also includes updated content – new practices and additional topics – added this past July.

The Advanced IPv6 course has been designed for those who would like to further their knowledge of the IPv6 protocol.

BGP and RPKI. Finally, LACNIC’s e-learning platform offers the course titled BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI, for which a new place has also been found in the redesigned platform. This course is aimed at network administrators with prior knowledge of internal routing and TCP/IP.

Another valuable addition is that course participants can now follow their classes from any device by downloading the Moodle app.

Check out the new website designed for LACNIC CAMPUS

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