A new way to share knowledge


A new way to share knowledge

This year, LACNIC launched a series of technical webinars presented by Alejandro Acosta, an engineer working in the R+D department of ​​the organization responsible for managing Internet number resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

All four online conferences were provided free of charge and addressed the topic of IPv6. More than 550 participants throughout LACNIC’s service region participated in these initiatives.

LACNIC’s first webinar was held in June and scheduled  to coincide with IPv6 Day. A record number of participants attended this conference —approximately 170, most of them in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The second webinar took place in September. It addressed topics relating to IPv6 and the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and was attended by 155 participants.

The third webinar was also held in September. This time, 100 attendees learned about the Domain Name System (DNS) and Security Extensions for DNS (DNSSEC).

The fourth one took place in October, when 110 registered participants learned about IPv6 and Multiprotocol Label Switching, a standard data transport mechanism developed by the IETF.

These conferences were presented by LACNIC engineers and regional experts and completed in a single day so as to make it easier for people to participate. In addition, session recordings are freely available online.

In the words of Acosta, the intention of these webinars was to strengthen the region’s technical capabilities and seek new ways to bring LACNIC closer to its community. “Those webinars which specifically addressed IPv6 attempted to support IPv6 deployment and increase network security,” he added.

Next year, LACNIC is planning to implement several webinars to address topics which are relevant to the promotion of a more stable and secure Internet and new technologies. Among other topics, these webinars will focus on IPv6 and IXPs, Security in IPv6, the Internet of Things, DNS and IPv6, and IPv6 in Large Networks.

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