Seminar Cycle: Understanding RPKI


RPKI is one of the most important services that LACNIC is deploying for its members, one which represents a significant contribution to the security and stability of the Internet address routing system and the widespread use of which will bring about direct benefits for the development of society.

For this purpose, along with the other Regional Internet Registries, an Internet resource certification program has been implemented based on the hierarchical structure of resource allocation. With this system, organizations that publish their routes in the region may add an additional level of trust (digital certificate) to certify that they effectively have the authority to publish those IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ASNs.

In addition to providing resource certification and a certificate hosting service, LACNIC’s technical department is focusing part of their efforts on securing the global routing system. To do so, a series of virtual seminars are being held to disseminate the use and benefits of resource certification. Four new virtual seminars will be held before the end of the year, covering the following topics:

Introduction: The seminar will discuss the problem of resource hijacking and describe resource certification. Topics such as architecture, repositories, validator information, and future developments in this area will be discussed.

Practical RPKI: This seminar will describe LACNIC’s RPKI system. The technical and administrative roles will be explained; creating certificates and ROAs, generating the repository and validation, installing caches, and router configuration will be described.

One-on-One Sessions: Thirty-minute one-on-one sessions with participants registered for the seminar. During this half hour participants will be able to ask questions, recover usernames and passwords, and create certificates and ROAs.

Upcoming Activities: The status of LACNIC’s RPKI provisioning protocol (Up/Down), the new user interface, and security enhancements will be described.

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