Updated Research on Connectivity Between the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean


Sponsored by and under the coordination of LACNIC, during 2020 software engineer Agustin Formoso conducted a study on network interconnection in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The study took place within the framework of the project for Strengthening Regional Internet Infrastructure, which seeks to provide Internet operators with information that will contribute to their growth strategies and to compare current latency values across the countries of the region as well as with the results of similar studies conducted by LACNIC in 2016 and 2017. 

The study shows connectivity across the region, obtained with the collaboration of many actors in the LACNIC service region. The research ran from September to November and 13,000 measurements were performed with their origin in 26 and their destination in 25 different countries. In turn, these 13,000 measurements came from 332 different autonomous systems.

A comparison of this latest study against the results obtained in 2017 shows significant improvements in the measurements of an important group of countries (including those with the region’s largest populations), as well as progress in the subset of networks (autonomous systems) that were measured in both campaigns.

We invite you to click here to read the paper and analyze the results.

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