LACNIC Geofeeds Reaches 10% of Organizations


LACNIC Geofeeds Reaches 10% of Organizations

After less than a year of operation, 10% of LACNIC member organizations ( have already contributed to Geofeeds, a geolocation service for IP addresses in Latin America and the Caribbean.

So far, 1,560 records have been created in the system, and this information is available to the regional community (

Developed by LACNIC’s Technology Department, the Geofeeds service is inspired in recommendations contained in IETF draft Self-Published IP Geolocation Feeds.

The idea of ​​publishing IP address geolocation information in a standardized format led LACNIC’s engineers to develop their own service, which allows linking the IP address that a device uses to connect to the Internet with a real location on a map.

Carlos Ortiz, software developer at LACNIC, noted that the service is based on voluntary contributions by LACNIC member organizations that provide the information on their IP address blocks and therefore allow obtaining public information about where Internet addresses are being used (country, region, city). 

Ortiz pointed out that it is hoped that more organizations will contribute with data in order to maximize the information and generate a greater contribution for the region.

He added that Geofeeds is a free, publicly available tool that allows regional operators to explicitly state where their IP addresses are being used, dividing the blocks they receive and specifying where each one is being utilized.

This information can then be accessed freely by the community when querying the location of an IP address.

The geographic information (country, region, city) provided by LACNIC is the data provided by each member, which means that this information will be as reliable as the quality of the data LACNIC members provide.

With this service, the LACNIC community can now effectively geolocate IP addresses based on the information contributed to Geofeeds.

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