Policy Ratification: Learn about Each Proposal


Policy Ratification: Learn about Each Proposal

Two of the eleven policy proposals analyzed and debated during the Public Policy Forum held during LACNIC 31 in Punta Cana have been ratified and one of them has already been implemented.

The policy proposal that has already been implemented is a clarification of IPv6 sub-assignments to end users. Promoted by Jordi Palet, this policy redefines the term “to assign” for IPv6 end users as “to delegate address space to an end user, to be exclusively used within the infrastructure operated by said end user, as well as for interconnection purposes.” In addition, it prohibits sub-assignments to third parties outside such infrastructure.

The second proposal that was ratified but has not yet been implemented allows the transfer of IPv4 resources between LACNIC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). 

Promoted by Jordi Palet MartínezEdwin Salazar and Edmundo Cázarez, this proposal

extends the current mechanism for transferring IPv4 addresses within the region to allow such transfers between different regions, thus aligning LACNIC with an existing market (APNIC, ARIN and RIPE allow inter-RIR transfers).

If you would like to learn more about IPv4 transfers, we invite you to join the webinar that LACNIC is organizing on this topic which is scheduled to take place on 22 August. More information on this webinar will be published shortly.

In addition, two new policy proposals are currently under discussion:

Modification of the time required for a proposal to be presented at the Public Policy Forum.  Promoted by Edmundo Cázarez, this proposal seeks to extend the discussion period required for presenting a proposal at the Forum from the one week to three weeks.    

Update to “Resource recovery and return” and consistency with the rest of the Manual. According to author Jordi Palet, among other things, this proposal updates the heading of section 7 of the Policy Manual to “Recourse revocation and return,” modifies the current wording used to describe the process, and corrects other items of the Manual.

We invite you to click here to read the rest of the proposals currently under discussion.

To subscribe to the Policy list and take part in the discussions, click here.


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