New Policies: Two Proposals Reach Consensus


New Policies: Two Proposals Reach Consensus

Two of the eleven policy proposals analyzed and debated at the Public Policy Forum held during LACNIC 31 in Punta Cana reached consensus and are now in the final comments period. The first is the policy that allows the transfer of IPv4 resources between LACNIC and other Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), while the second is the policy clarifying IPv6 sub-assignment to end users.

This edition of the Forum had a great turnout and active community participation, including lively and enriching debates on all the proposals were presented seeking to modify current policies or introduce new rules in the 33 territories of the LACNIC service region.

Promoted by Jordi Palet Martínez, Edwin Salazar and Edmundo Cázarez, the proposal on authorizing the transfer of IPv4 resources between LACNIC and other Regional Internet Registries generated a fruitful exchange among participants, most of whom understood that the current context is helping promote the opening of LACNIC towards other RIRs.

This proposal reached consensus at the Forum and on the Policy list and will extend the current mechanism for transferring IPv4 addresses within the region to allow their transfer between different regions, thus aligning LACNIC with the existing market (APNIC, ARIN and RIPE allow inter-RIR transfers).

The other policy proposal that achieved consensus at the Forum refers to IPv6 end users and proposes redefining the term “assign” as “to delegate address space to an end user for its use exclusively within their own infrastructure or for interconnection purposes.” In other words, this proposal does not allow sub-assignments to third parties outside this infrastructure.

The other policy proposals discussed at the Forum (changes to how LACNIC member organization abuse contacts are registered and validated; a code of conduct for the Policy mailing list; rules on route hijacking (BGP), modifications to the sections of the Policy Manual dealing with mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations and relocations of LACNIC members; changes to PDP chair election procedure, and the unique and exclusive assignment of resources) remain in the initial discussion stage.

Click here to watch the presentation of all the policy proposals. Click here to subscribe to the Policy list.

Greater participation

The Punta Cana event was marked by greater participation of the community both at the Public Policy Forum as well as in the preparatory workshop titled “HANDS-ON: Changing Internet Policies”, organized by Gianina Pensky, Policy and Training Coordinator at LACNIC, and by Ariel Weher and Paola Pérez, chairs of the PDP.

Approximately 55 participants attended this workshop to learn about the mechanism used to submit policy proposals and the topics currently under discussion. Another goal of this activity was to provide information on the entire policy development process and encourage participants to submit their own policies.


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