Twelve Steps to Deploy IPv6


Twelve Steps to Deploy IPv6

As consultant Jordi Palet notes in a report titled “12 Steps to Deploy IPv6 in Corporate and Governments Networks,” deploying IPv6 is necessarily different from deploying IPv4, as they are two different protocols, each with its own specific complexities,

This report comprises two documents addressed to governments and companies that present a summary of how to implement the latest version of the IP protocol. In the report, Palet describes the fundamental steps for a successful IPv6 deployment.

“In addition to ISPs, our customers include many governments and other corporate or business networks, which are practically the same from the point of view of IPv6 deployment. The difference is their ‘extension’ in terms of the number of sites that need to be covered, but their complexity and requirements are basically the same,” said the expert.

Palet wrote the documents after finding that many organizations believe that IPv6 must be deployed just as they deployed IPv4. “The idea is to alert those who believe they are doing things right when they are actually on the wrong track,” added the consultant.

Because they are major consumers of IT, Palet decided to include governments in his recommendations. “It would not be right for a government to purchase equipment, software, services, human resources, etc. without adequate IPv6 support and pay for them with everyone’s money, only to have to repeat the investment before a reasonable amortization period simply because they forgot to require IPv6 support,” said the author of the documents.

In his opinion, governments must demand IPv6 in their public procurements to force the private sector to prepare to compete for State contracts with this protocol.

As if this were not enough, the author adds, IPv6 deployment is a great opportunity for governments to rethink how to interconnect the different offices of their organizations and thus save millions of dollars.

The full documents are available here



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