Strengthening IPv6-Only Capabilities


Strengthening IPv6-Only Capabilities

By Alejandro Acosta, R&D Coordinator at LACNIC

We at LACNIC are promoting IPv6-only networks among regional operators. This approach to networks has many advantages that are being increasingly leveraged by organizations across Latin America and the Caribbean.

IPv6-only networks are easier to manage, as they have only one IP stack, consume less network resources, simplify security (firewall and other devices), their access lists are easier to configure, as are the parameters typically used in the devices.

IPv6-only networks will increase over time because they are the logical path for many data centers to follow. Currently, global IPv6 penetration among end users is over 40% [1], while in the Latin American and Caribbean region it is approximately 30% [2].

Seeking to encourage the deployment of IPv6 networks in the countries that are part of the LACNIC service region, we have created a space on the LACNIC website where members of the regional technical community will find tutorials and tools to help them deploy their IPv6-only networks.

The following tutorials and howtos are available:

  • IPv6-Only Datacenters. This tutorial covers different topics related to the operation of an IPv6-only datacenter. It starts with DNS64 and NAT64 and ends with SIIT-DC and 464XLAT.  It also includes examples with Tayga and Jool, always using Linux.
  • How to Configure an IPv6-Only Apache Server. An IPv6-only guide that describes the first steps that a web server administrator must take. Linux and Apache are used.
  • How to Configure an IPv6-Only Peering Session.  An introduction to how to configure a BGP peering session between two routers. It includes examples for MikroTik and Cisco/FRR routers, as well as some tips, best practices, and common mistakes.
  • First Steps in IPv6-Only DNS. A guide that describes the first steps for the configuration of IPv6-only DNS servers: recursive servers, authoritative servers, and zone transfers.

These tutorials will provide network operators with mechanisms and training tools to help them implement IPv6-only networks.

LACNIC promotes the deployment of IPv6-only networks in Latin America taking into account the growth of IPv6 at the regional level and the long waiting times to receive IPv4 addresses.




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