IPv6 is where the Internet’s Big Business Lies


IPv6 is where the Internet’s Big Business Lies

Internet providers and organizations should accelerate their move to IPv6 before the market forces them to do so, said Lee Howard, Network Technology Director at Time Warner Cable (TWC), during his presentation at LACNCI 21.

The expert acknowledged that the delay in adopting the new protocol is largely due to the fact that many companies and organizations fail to see how IPv4 exhaustion will affect their business.

Howard believes that, even though both protocols will coexist for quite some time, the transition will gain momentum once a significant number of final users have adopted IPv6.

The expert highlighted the need for all parties involved to work together to accelerate the migration to IPv6.

Howard told LACNIC News that we need common protocols to communicate with each other – the more we use them, the more useful they will be.

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