Vast Majority of LACNIC Members Have Already Validated Their Abuse Contacts


Vast Majority of LACNIC Members Have Already Validated Their Abuse Contacts

Eight out of ten organizations that use the MiLACNIC platform have validated their abuse contacts. This number was shared by Gianina Pensky, Head of Registration Services at LACNIC, during the recent LACNIC 36 LACNOG 2021 event.  

Likewise, 76.6% of organizations that received resources through NIC.BR and 69% of the organizations in Mexico have validated their contacts. 

Under the policy approved by the LACNIC community and ratified by the LACNIC Board, beginning in 2021, every two years organizations across the region must validate the abuse contacts for the resources they have been assigned by LACNIC.

Among other things, the policy requires organizations to keep the abuse contacts for their IP address blocks and ASNs validated and monitored.

Pensky explained that the first restrictions on organizations that had not yet validated their contacts were placed this past October.

Failure to comply with this policy may even result in resource revocation.

A contact is considered to have been validated if they declare that they have read and understand LACNIC’s procedures and policies and their email account has been validated through the MiLACNIC platform.Pensky reported that, out of a total of 185 million IP addresses assigned by LACNIC in Latin America and the Caribbean, only 11 million (6%) still don’t have a validated abusive contact. The vast majority of unvalidated IP addresses (10 million) are held by 25 organizations. In her presentation, Pensky also explained how an organization can validate their abuse contacts. Click here for more information.

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