New Book Published on the History of LACNIC and Its Community (Available in Spanish)


New Book Published on the History of LACNIC and Its Community (Available in Spanish)

After months of intense of work, a book has been published that tells the history of the Internet Addresses Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) and its community.

Over more than 200 pages, The Development of the LACNIC Community. A History Under Construction covers the 17 years of the RIR’s existence, addressing everything from its inception to its current consolidation.

With the support of ICANN, the Internet Society and LACTLD, Carolina Aguerre, author of the book, researched the multiple stories and actors that made the creation of LACNIC possible and was thus able to immerse herself in the most outstanding milestones of the last 20 years of the regional Internet.

Talking about the book, LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles highlighted that the project deals not only with the creation of the organization, but also with the permanent construction of a highly diverse community which keeps LACNIC current. “Regardless of our success in performing our role as an Internet Registry, it is essential to maintain a forum for discussing the rules (policies) under which these resources are assigned, and this requires constant community engagement,” added the executive director of the organization.

“The research seeks to convey the challenges we faced in this process for the consolidation of our community, which transcends the scope of LACNIC and has an impact on different regional forums and organizations,” Robles concluded.

The book is structured in five chapters: Introduction and Genealogy; The Construction of LACNIC and Its Community; Building a Participative Model in the Region; Strengthening of Capabilities for a Better Regional Internet and, finally The Construction of the Future of Institutions in LAC.

We invite you to click here to download the book in Spanish.

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