LACNIC working with government authorities in the region


LACNIC working with government authorities in the region

LACNIC has intensified its collaboration with Central American and Caribbean government representatives so that public policy aimed at IPv6 adoption and deployment will be promoted at State level in the face of IPv4 exhaustion.

Within this framework, LACNIC experts organized workshops and tutorials on IPv6, interconnection, peering, and BGP and RPKI together with Panama’s National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG). Likewise, an action plan was drafted and an IPv6 Adoption Committee was established for the purpose of developing and implementing initiatives aimed at achieving IPv6 adoption in Panama.

The idea is to implement similar initiatives together with other governments of the region so that we can coordinate IPv6 deployment issues.

“We want to work with government actors to promote IPv6 deployment, as they can enact public policy and thus promote IPv6 adoption in the region,“ said César Díaz, Head of Strategic Relations and Telecommunications at LACNIC.

In this sense, during the LACNIC event to be held in Cuba, a panel of Panamanian, Costa Rican and Colombian government representatives and regulators will present their progress in terms of IPv6 adoption and deployment.

IPv6 Committee in Panama.- During the most recent visit to Panama, in addition to the technical IPv6 workshop, a high-level meeting was scheduled between AIG and LACNIC experts and state agency representatives to establish an IPv6 adoption committee.

Together with Guillermo Cicileo (Head of LACNIC’s Internet Security and Stability Program), Díaz also took the opportunity to talk to various business representatives, decision-makers and technology managers about the need to implement the IPv6 protocol, and organized tutorials for technical ISP and government agency staff.

Attendees expressed great interest in the tutorials and workshops, which focused on interconnection, BGP, route hijacking, RPKI and peering and had a great turnout.

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