LACNIC is the Best Place to Work for Women in Uruguay


LACNIC is the Best Place to Work for Women in Uruguay

The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address Registry (LACNIC) took the first place in the ranking of the best places to work for women in Uruguay prepared by Great Place to Work for the category of less than 150 employees.

This is the first time that organizations in Uruguay are recognized for their work in reducing the gap between men and women and achieving greater equality in the world of work. 

The proportion of women working as part of the LACNIC team has been gradually increasing and has now reached 57%. This is reflected in the fact that the management team now includes 50% of women, while 59% of the other leadership positions (leaders and coordinators) are occupied by women.

Great Place to Work Uruguay recognized LACNIC for its efforts to create and maintain an excellent working environment for all its collaborators.

“As reflected in one of our values, we value people, all people. The reason we are part of this ranking is because we seek balance and equality and our collaborators perceive this,” said Florencia Bianchi, People Engagement Manager at LACNIC.

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