Four new members on the LACNIC Board of Directors


Four new members on the LACNIC Board of Directors

The LACNIC members have completed the process for filling four positions on the organization’s Board and selected the four most-voted among a pool of 16 candidates. These new members will fill the positions which will become vacant on December 31st, 2015.

The 2,222 votes cast by LACNIC members confirmed the community’s trust in Hartmut Glaser (Brazil), Alejandro Guzmán (Colombia) and Rafael Ibarra (El Salvador) by re-electing them to their current seats until December 31, 2018. In addition, Gabriel Adonaylo (Argentina) was elected to the LACNIC Board for the first time until December 31, 2017.

Glaser was involved in the initiative for organizing a Regional Internet Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean since 1999, a process which concluded with the creation of LACNIC. Thanks to the support he obtained through the election, he hopes to continue contributing to Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean and, above all, guaranteeing the digital inclusion of each and every one of the region’s inhabitants. “As the Executive Secretary of, a key partner throughout LACNIC’s history, I intend to place the experience I have gained throughout my career at LACNIC’s service, contributing to the implementation of the organization’s projects as well as other activities planned for our region,” notes Glaser, who holds a PhD in Engineering by the University of Sao Paulo and has been member of the LACNIC Board since 2002.

Likewise, Guzmán expressed his motivation in working from the Board “to improve LACNIC’s efficiency and institutional sustainability.” An Engineer and Telecoms specialist, Guzmán is currently Google Content Distribution Manager for Latin America. He believes LACNIC has already reached its maturity as an organization and that the most important areas where work is to be carried out are participation in global and regional Internet governance processes, leadership in spaces for Latin American and Caribbean community collaboration, promoting the conditions needed for continued Internet growth in the LAC region, and the adoption of standards and technologies that will improve Internet performance and security in LACNIC’s service region.

Lito Ibarra is from El Salvador and has been elected to serve until 2018. A long-time member of the community, he has also known LACNIC since the organization’s early days: at the time when the Regional Internet Registry was being created, he was working with other well-known regional ICT experts on founding sister organizations such as LACTLD and RedCLARA.  Ibarra notes that, in addition to fulfilling its technical role in preserving Internet security, stability and service continuity, “the organization projects itself towards the community with great professionalism and leadership in order to stimulate growth through technological progress.” Ibarra also highlights the fact that LACNIC occupies a special place within the Internet ecosystem, as it “supports projects and initiatives which allow implementing or up-scaling projects which, while originally technological in nature, have a decisive impact on the social and economic development of their target regions.”

While he has been involved in multiple LACNIC activities and been a member of LACNIC’s Fiscal Commission since 2005, this will be Adonaylo’s first time on the LACNIC Board. “I am interested in being part of the Board so I can bring my experience in promoting Internet development and improving Internet conditions in the region,” notes this Information Systems Engineer who obtained his degree from Argentina’s National Technological University.

Adonaylo comes to the Board with great expectations, as LACNIC’s role “has been and continues to be essential, not only at regional but also at global level.” Personally, he feels deeply motivated by the idea of placing the knowledge he’s gained throughout his career at the service of the community.

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