Superpowers for the Next 20 Years of LACNIC


Superpowers for the Next 20 Years of LACNIC

How do we envision the next 20 years of LACNIC and its ties with the regional Internet community? During LACNIC 38 LACNOG 2022, Gerry Garbulsky, director of TED en Español and founder and director of TEDxRíodelaPlata, will offer a keynote presentation titled “Superpowers for the Next 20 Years of LACNIC.”

Garbulsky’s presentation is part of the activities organized to celebrate LACNIC’s 20th anniversary and will share tools so that the organization can continue to grow and generate a vibrant community.

The speaker will focus on the superpowers that, in his opinion, characterize those organizations that manage to grow. In this sense, participants will be able to access tools that will allow being part of a community to increase their personal well-being, learn to innovate to grow in a world where limitations abound, and how to take risks.

Garbulsky defines himself as passionate about questions, a seeker of inspirational models, and a hunter of ideas. Thus, the Santa Cruz meeting will be very special in that it will allow indulging in a habit that he likes very much and yet seems to be dying out: listening to others.

LACNIC 38’s keynote speaker will offer an inspirational and participatory presentation intended to reinforce the relevance of the role of the LACNIC community in the coming years.

Click here to check out the complete agenda and register for the event.

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