LACNOG to Offer an Attractive Program in Santa Cruz


LACNOG to Offer an Attractive Program in Santa Cruz

The Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG) is organizing a wide range of activities and presentations for their event in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Seeking to create a space for the exchange of information and experiences in network operation and infrastructure development, the Forum will kick off on Tuesday, 3 October with a workshop led by Ariel Weher. In his presentation titled “Introduction to VXLAN and EVPN,” Weher will talk about these two recent technologies used in datacenter scenarios as they provide a solution to these facilities’ need to scale to millions of servers. EVPN is a BGP extension used as a control plane to provide connectivity information between different Layer 2/3 domains over an IP or MPLS network. In turn, VXLAN is a standard network virtualization protocol that allows Layer 2 networks to scale beyond the boundaries imposed by routers.

Keynote Presentation. Tomás Lynch will share his keynote presentation “BGP Community, the Forgotten Attribute” on Thursday.

Lynch will talk about a family of BGP attributes known as communities which are comprised of groups of destinations that share a common property. Community information is included as a route attribute in BGP update messages. Lynch will show how to properly implement this attribute in the BGP protocol in different scenarios.

As usual, the keynote presentation will be followed by the LACNOG presentations selected from among the proposals submitted by the technical community. The program includes ten different presentations by different authors addressing various technical topics, among them BGP, Peering, Internet Exchange Points (IXP), Network Security, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants will also have the chance to see a special presentation by Christian O’Flaherty on Low Orbiting Satellites (LEOs).

In addition, two panels of experts have been scheduled for Friday: “Small ISPs in the Region of Latin America and the Caribbean: Realities and Challenges” and “Network Operators Groups in Latin America and Caribbean Countries.” 

The Forum will close with lightning talks intended to encourage interaction with attendees through a series of brief and varied presentations each lasting between 5 and 10 minutes.

Another important highlight of the LACNOG meeting will be the session titled “Internet in Bolivia: Present and Future,” which will be held on 7 October and will discuss Internet operation in Bolivia, the challenges it faces, and possible solutions based on the incorporation of best practices and standards.

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