LACNIC39: Connect with the Regional Internet Community


LACNIC39: Connect with the Regional Internet Community

By Paula Suárez, Communications Assistant at LACNIC

Since their inception, LACNIC events have sought to become regional meeting spaces for multistakeholder dialogue, high-level technical training, and the debate of Internet-related issues.

Throughout these 20 years, however, LACNIC events have become much more than this, and are now a meeting point that allows members of our community to establish not only professional but also personal ties.

With this in mind, we created the Digital Welcome Kit to encourage sharing among participants.

In May 2020, the pandemic forced us to hold our first ever virtual event, LACNIC 33. This represented a major challenge for the organization, as it made us think about how we might strengthen interaction among participants and thus maintain the spirit and dynamics of our face-to-face meetings.

The answer was to offer the community a welcome kit that would allow them to live the digital experience in the same spirit as the face-to-face meeting.

The kit not only allows participants to create a digital badge and use event themed photo frames and filters, but it also offers the chance to connect with the community and continue to generate the dialogue and sharing we want to preserve.

This is why we invite you to check out the LACNIC 39 Welcome Kit and share your photos on your social media using the hashtag #LACNIC39

Join us and the LACNIC community!

Remember you can participate in the event remotely by registering  here. You can also join our Discord channel.

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