LACNIC 33 Closes with More than 1,100 Unique Participants


LACNIC 33 Closes with More than 1,100 Unique Participants

LACNIC 33, the first online event of the organization responsible for managing Internet number resources for Latin America and the Caribbean, came to a close having brought together 1,135 attendees and with a very good daily viewer minute average throughout the week. In addition, it was announced that LACNIC 34 will take place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, on 5-9 October, provided that the sanitary conditions related to the COVID-19 virus allow it.

During the closing of the event, LACNIC CEO Oscar Robles highlighted the work of the entire organization, speakers and participants in adapting to a novel online meeting format.

He stressed that, while organizing an online event may appear to be a simple task, maintaining a level of excellence for five days requires plenty of prior work and coordination. “It was a very intense week during which we maintained the spirit of our in-person events,” LACNIC’s CEO said.

Robles reported that 529 people participated in the IPv6 Network Operation tutorial, 533 members from across the region participated in the information session for LACNIC members and the LACNIC community, approximately 193 persons participated in in the Public Policy Forum, 553 in the Technical Forum and 405 in the Secure Routing tutorial. In addition, LACNIC’s virtual stand coordinated more than 30 meetings and received 60 inquiries on how to request resources, transfers, membership services, the Mi LACNIC API, IPv6, RPKI, the FRIDA program, the development of LACNIC IRR, +RAÍCES and the training offerings of the LACNIC Campus.

Total participation by country (viewer minutes)

Based on the number of registered participants and viewer minute distribution, Robles observed that this virtual format facilitates more equitable community participation.

“We learned and will continue to learn many lessons from LACNIC 33, which will help us improve our future events, both online and in person. We hope that this pandemic will soon allow us to see each other face to face, to share and to continue to build this vibrant community,” were the closing remarks of LACNIC’s CEO for the event.

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