LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 Expands its Tutorial Offering


LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 Expands its Tutorial Offering

Registration is now open and there are major news for the LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 event, which will take place in Panama from 7 to 11 October.

One of the most important changes introduced for the upcoming LACNIC event is the redistribution of tutorials throughout the week, a suggestion resulting from the satisfaction survey carried out during LACNIC’s latest events, which allows expanding the training offering. In addition, there will be a new edition of LACNIC Hackathon. For further details of the agenda, please click here.

Tutorials.  In addition to the changes to the agenda, there will also be news in relation to the tutorials offered in Panama. For the first time, there will be a tutorial on Best Security Practices for Autonomous Systems, which will be presented by instructors Eduardo Barasal Morales, Tiago Jun Nakamura and Antonio Marcos Moreiras. Aimed at network administrators, this tutorial will explore the most frequent security incidents and will demonstrate how an Autonomous System can be protected using hardening techniques and best security practices.

In turn, the Advanced IPv6 tutorial will now include four different parts. The first part will present the most relevant guidelines with practical examples of numbering plans for operators. The second and third parts will cover the most important aspects for IPv6 deployment in Cable (DOCSIS) and xDSL networks.

The fourth part will include hands-on practice and a review of the transition mechanisms known as IPv6-only and IPv4-as-a-Service.

Another highlight of this event will be a Policy Workshop designed to help attendees become familiar with the Policy Manual, a public document that includes all the policies implemented in our region that determine how LACNIC manages resources. Guided by facilitators, workshop participants will be divided into groups and will exchange ideas and opinions about different sections of the manual.

There will also be a tutorial on resource management, particularly on how to use the Mi LACNIC system to optimize its functionalities (subassignments, rDNS delegation, user administration, etc.) and show the new services that are now available (payment management and resource certification system).

Hackathon. The second Hackathon organized by LACNIC will address multiple new projects in which the community and members have historically been interested: the MiLACNIC API, the (up/down) RPKI delegated mode and the IRR.  In addition, there will be an open call for the community to propose topics and projects to be developed during the activity.

Although Hackathons generally bring together groups of researchers, designers, programmers, data analysts and testers with project leaders (Champions), the LACNIC Hackathon will be open to participants who are not specifically qualified in these skills.

Participation will be free of charge and will have an independent registration to LACNIC 32, which will open soon.

Airfare Discounts. LACNIC has signed agreements with Copa Airlines and Avianca to offer participants attending LACNIC 32 – LACNOG 2019 up to 15% discount on their plane tickets to Panama. For details and conditions, please click here. To register for the event, please click here.

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