IT Women and Google Promote Leadership Workshop during LACNIC 32


IT Women and Google Promote Leadership Workshop during LACNIC 32

The IT Women meeting to be held during the upcoming LACNIC 32 event will adopt an innovative format and offer the chance to participate in a coaching and networking session.

Sponsored by Google, the activity is set to take place on Monday 7 October from 6 to 7 pm and seeks to promote female leadership and diversity among LACNIC 32 participants.

The session will also provide the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and meet different leaders of the technical community, who will participate as meeting facilitators.

The session will be open to the general public and will consist of an interactive activity with questions to guide participants as they reflect on three key topics: leadership, resilience and authenticity.

First, participants will address the topic of authenticity, for which they will be invited to reflect on their individual strengths, their personal and professional values, and how they expect to be perceived by their colleagues.

Then, participants will discuss leadership, identifying which leadership skills they wish to develop and the habits that will allow them to become their ideal leader.

Finally, participants will discuss resilience, including strategies to deal with both work-related as well as personal challenges.

The discussion of these topics will be facilitated by leaders of the LACNIC community, who will present participants with a series of questions for group discussion.

All event participants are welcome to join the activity. Women and anyone interested in honing their leadership skills and promoting the creation of a diverse technical community are especially invited to attend.

Click here to check out the full event agenda. Click here to register.


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