Resource Certification System for Mexico


Resource Certification System for Mexico

LACNIC and Nic Mx have agreed to implement LACNIC’s Resource Certification System, RPKI, in Mexico.

This agreement will allow Nic Mx’s more than 200 member organizations to certify their Internet resources directly in order to digitally prove they have the right to use the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and ASNs they have been assigned.

“The inclusion of Mexico in the RPKI system is very valuable and will allow certifying space that is very important to the region,” announced Gerardo Rada, Software Development Engineer at LACNIC.

These certificates will allow LACNIC members in Mexico to create signed objects (Routing Origin Authorizations, ROAs) for the resources they wish to announce through the specified origin Autonomous System Number (ASN).

The RPKI adoption rate in the LACNIC service region is currently 18.62%, which means that one in five BGP announcements in Latin America and the Caribbean are covered by ROAs.

RPKI is a set of protocols, standards and systems that allows verifying the right to use Internet number resources such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and Autonomous Systems. RPKI seeks to achieve a noticeable improvement to the Internet routing system’s reliability and security.

Since 2007, LACNIC has been participating in the definition of the standards that have allowed developing this tool. In May 2010, LACNIC launched its RPKI Certification Authority (CA) for the resources it administrates.

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