Training New Course Offering at the LACNIC Campus


This year, the LACNIC Campus ( has added a new course titled Basics of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and Introduction to RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure), two editions of which will be presented by an expert on the subject.

The first edition of this BGP and RPKI course is already underway on LACNIC’s e-learning platform.

This BGP and RPKI training course has been designed for network administrators who already have knowledge of internal routing and TCP/IP, said Mariela Rocha, the person responsible for the course.

BGP is the Internet protocol used for communication among Autonomous Systems (Internet is a huge network made up by Autonomous Systems). Thanks to BGP, the Autonomous Systems that make up the Internet have information on how to reach any given destination. “BGP was created to transport information over routes that are external to Autonomous Systems,” said Rocha.

The course has a duration of six weeks and is divided into six modules. It offers key notions of BGP, what it is, how it works, its main attributes and filters. It also offers an introduction to RPKI, Internet number resources the certification system.

The course includes both theory and practice and participants who complete the course will receive a certificate from LACNIC.

The course will be provided completely online and a tutor will be available to help with any doubts as participants work through the modules. LACNIC has reserved a number of free seats for its members.

This training on BGP and RPKI adds to the Basic IPv6 and Advanced IPv6 courses offered by the LACNIC Campus and was designed in response to the region’s growing demand for computer-based distance learning. In 2017, a total of 12 courses will be offered through LACNIC’s online learning platform.

For more information on the courses offered by the LACNIC Campus, go to

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