Training for the Internet Community


Training for the Internet Community

More than 3,100 professionals and members of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community have been trained so far this year on topics such as IPv6, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and IXPs.

Up to the month of September, LACNIC had organized 24 in-person training activities in 11 different countries of the region, with the participation of 3,132 individuals representing the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community. Two thirds of participants received in-person training, while the others took part in webinars created based on various LACNIC seminars.

“Our training efforts have focused mainly on topics such as IPv6 and security and on the services offered by LACNIC. We’ve also taken advantage of courses on the Internet of Things to promote IPv6 deployment and our RPKI solution,” noted Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO, while presenting a report during the event held in Costa Rica.

Ecuador and Cuba are the two countries of the region where the highest number of people received training (668 and 508, respectively), followed by El Salvador (220), Brazil (200), Colombia (154), and Honduras (102).

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