Training for Law Enforcement Agencies to combat cybercrime


Training for Law Enforcement Agencies to combat cybercrime

LACNIC experts have provided training on cybersecurity to regional Interpol staff and law enforcement agency investigators.

Through two courses and workshops taught by LACNIC professionals, almost 70 police and security officers received training and tools to combat and prosecute online crimes.

One of these training activities took place in Buenos Aires during ICANN 53. On that occasion, LACNIC experts provided information to 30 officers from different security agencies in a workshop on DNS abuse and operational best practices.

Guillermo Cicileo, Head of LACNIC’s Security and Stability Program, and Graciela Martinez, Head of LACNIC WARP, addressed different aspects of IP address assignment which are relevant to law enforcement professionals, route hijacking, resources useful for police departments (whois, reverse DNS queries and others), and how law enforcement agencies can use LACNIC WARP.

“The training activity was very interesting; many experiences in managing security incidents were shared, as well as cybercrime concerns and challenges,” noted Martínez.

It was an excellent opportunity to make law enforcement agencies aware of the information provided by LACNIC and to obtain a point of contact for incident reporting.

The second training activity of 2015 aimed at combating cybercrime was a course on online child sexual exploitation for investigators. It was held at the facilities of Interpol Argentina. There, 40 police and security officers from around the region attended presentations by Andrés Piazza (External Relations Officer at LACNIC), Carlos Martinez (CTO), and Guillermo Cicileo (Head of Security and Stability).

“The presentations on the different topics were very well received; attendees asked many questions, and there was much interest in continuing mutual cooperation,” said Martínez.

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