The End of IPv4: What Happens Now?


The LACNIC region has entered the final phase of IPv4 address exhaustion and now very restrictive policies –agreed by the community– apply to the last IPv4 resources remaining in Latin America and the Caribbean.

So what happens now? What does entering the final phase of exhaustion mean? Will any organizations receive resources during this final stage? Which organizations? Why these and not others? How does the situation in Latin America and the Caribbean compare to the other RIRs? Can LACNIC member organizations request IPv4 addresses in other regions? Can IPv4 addresses be transferred? What role has the community played in the way the final blocks of IPv4 addresses have been allocated? These and other questions were answered by Sergio Rojas, LACNIC Registration Services Specialist, and Carlos Martínez, LACNIC CTO, during a webinar organized to inform the community about the final phase of IPv4 exhaustion and the pressing need to deploy IPv6 in Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more information, watch the video.

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