Registration for the First BGP & RPKI Course Is Now Open


Registration for the First BGP & RPKI Course Is Now Open

Registration for the BGP+RPKI course is now open. This will be the first in a series of courses that will be offered in 2019 as part of the broad offerings of the LACNIC Campus: the first edition of the course titled Basics of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure). Three editions of this course will be offered in 2019 with LACNIC expert Mariela Rocha presenting all three.

Those interested in participating in this first edition have time to register until 30 January. Free seats are available for professionals working with LACNIC member organizations. The course is set to begin on 4 February and will run through 15 March.

The BGP and RPKI course is aimed at network administrators with prior knowledge of internal routing and TCP/IP. For more information on the course, you can watch the following video.

During 2018, close to 500 professionals throughout Latin America and the Caribbean completed this course through the LACNIC Campus and obtained their RPKI and BGP certification. Satisfaction levels among course participants reached 94.7%.

The course has a duration of six weeks, is divided into six modules, and addresses the basics of BGP: what it is, how it works, and its main attributes and filters. It also offers an introduction to RPKI, the system for Internet number resource certification.

This training activity includes theory, partial examinations as well as hands-on exercises, and concludes with a final exam. A tutor is available at all times to support students and clear any possible doubts.

Click here to register.

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