New course offerings at the LACNIC Campus


New course offerings at the LACNIC Campus

This August, the LACNIC Campus added a new training offering: our introductory course on IPv6. This time, English subtitles are available. Monica Baez, who is responsible for the initiative, announced that the Campus expects to add training courses on V6 Testing, advanced IPv6 and others beginning in September.

Close to 500 individuals representing public and private Latin American and Caribbean Internet-related organizations have already attended LACNIC’s virtual classrooms to participate in the first two editions of the basic IPv6 course offered earlier this year.

Our data shows that seven out of ten enrolled participants managed to complete the course, and more than 90% were able to obtain the corresponding certificate of participation.

Baez emphasized the community’s interest in receiving training in this area and how quickly the seats available for the first editions of the course had been filled.

For this third edition, the number of seats has been increased to 430. With this, the number of ICT professionals trained through LACNIC’s online IPv6 courses throughout the region will reach nearly one thousand participants.

The LACNIC Campus already has 1,960 users who have registered to receive information regarding the organization’s online training options, which are expected to continue to add new possibilities and enhancements.

The Campus Director expressed how pleased she was with the community’s response to the initiative, noting that many participants have made suggestions which have and will continue to be incorporated in future editions of the courses.

A fourth edition of the IPv6 introductory course is already scheduled to begin on 19 October, when it will be available both in Spanish as well as with English subtitles. Because the demand for the course has been so high, a special edition will be launched on 21 September for LACNIC members only.

Other actions that are currently under development and will soon be offered include a self-paced advanced IPv6 online course; a booklet titled Introduction to IPv6 (digital and hardcopy editions); a tutor-assisted online Testingv6 course; a self-paced security incident management course; and an English version of our online IPv6 courses.

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