LACNIC Launches Course on IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks (in Spanish)


LACNIC Launches Course on IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks (in Spanish)

LACNIC will offer the technical community of Latin America and the Caribbean a new course on IPv6 in last-mile networks geared towards engineers, experts and the persons responsible for developing ISP networks.

The course will be offered remotely through the LACNIC Campus. Seats will be limited, and free registration will be available for members of the Regional Internet Registry. Registration will remain open until 16 March. IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks will begin on 23 March and will be the only edition LACNIC will offer in 2020.

The training will be divided into six modules and its contents will allow participants to learn about IPv6 deployment in last-mile networks, i.e., in end-user connections. It will also include demonstrations of different configurations and practical examples. A tutor will be available to answer students’ questions.

“We believe this a very useful course for ISPs and for the persons responsible for connecting end users,” stressed Mariela Rocha, responsible for the LACNIC Campus.

At the end of each module, students will have the option to take a self-assessment test to measure their progress. To obtain the LACNIC certification, students will have to pass a final evaluation.

Register here.

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