LACNIC Labs – Contributing to Innovation


LACNIC Labs – Contributing to Innovation

LACNIC-Labs was born from the need to have an open space in which to promote and accelerate the adoption of technological advances and industry standards. LACNIC-Labs is now completing its first year of operation, during which time the team of professionals has developed more than ten projects.

Arturo Servín, LACNIC’s Technical Manager, defines LACNIC-Labs as a LACNIC strategy for innovation and development that comprises a series of research projects, new service analysis and development, a website, a blog, and the generation of training and promotional material relating to emerging Internet technologies.

The projects completed at LACNIC-Labs include an IPv4 address exhaustion report (, traffic measurements during World IPv6 Day ( and

Other projects include measurement of RPKI adoption ( and, generating training materials (, the RESTFUL Whois prototype (, the RPKI route validation looking-glass (, testing different routing platforms and validators in the use of RPKI and origin validation ( and
Thus, the regional Internet community can keep up to date with the news, test results, and new developments that LACNIC makes available to its community.

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