LACNIC Campus: Registration Now Open for Three Different Courses


LACNIC Campus: Registration Now Open for Three Different Courses

The LACNIC Campus is now accepting registrations for the first three courses scheduled for this year: Introduction to IPv6, BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI (in Spanish), and IPv6 in Last-Mile and Access Networks (also in Spanish).

Seeking to satisfy the training needs of students and professionals in the non-Spanish speaking countries in the LACNIC service region, Introduction to IPv6 will be presented in English. This course has a duration of 20 hours, during which it provides an overview of the latest Internet Protocol and introduces students to addressing plans and strategies for the deployment of IPv6 networks. It is especially geared towards network administrators, software developers, network equipment vendors, students, teachers, and IT professionals. Registration for this course will remain open until 1st March.

Introduction to IPv6 will be offered in a user-friendly self-study format where students will be invited to watch videos, read texts and complete certain exercises before taking a final exam to obtain their certificate.

The number of persons who register for this course continues to increase year after year. Students who participated in its latest edition reported a 94% satisfaction level.

BGP until 8 March. Until 8 March, registrations will also be accepted for the first edition of BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI (in Spanish). This course will be presented in Spanish and will begin on 15 March. It has been designed for anyone interested in venturing into the BGP protocol, autonomous systems interconnection, and Internet routing security, whether the theory behind these topics or the practical aspects they involve. In this case, a solid knowledge of IP networks and the basics of internal routing protocols are recommended.The latest edition of this course achieved a level of satisfaction of 94%.

Two editions. From 15 February to 15 March, registration will be open to participate in the course titled IPv6 in Last-Mile and Access Networks (in Spanish). At the request of the community, two editions of this e-learning proposal have been scheduled for this year.

The first edition will kick off on 22 March and students will have time until 3 May to complete the six modules included in the course. It is primarily aimed at engineers, experts and ISP network managers. A tutor will be available to answer students’ questions.

Last year, the course averaged a satisfaction level of 93% among registered participants.

This year, LACNIC’s e-learning platform will offer 15 editions of its eight courses, two more than in 2020. Click here to check out our course calendar for 2021.

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