LACNIC Campus Offers New Course on Network Security


LACNIC Campus Offers New Course on Network Security

The LACNIC Campus has announced a new free course for the Internet community of Latin America and the Caribbean. This new course provides an introduction to network security and is aimed at people who have basic knowledge of networking and who are interested in learning about security and incident management response centers.

Registration to participate in this online training opportunity provided by LACNIC will remain open until 10 August. The course is set to begin on 19 August and will run for twelve weeks until 11 November.

This will be the first and only edition of this new course to be presented in 2019, with content and a format inspired by a model created for the Ayitic Goes Global project in collaboration with the IDRC of Canada.

“It is important to emphasize that this is an introductory course for people who have some knowledge of networking and who are looking to venture into security,” observed Mariela Rocha, training specialist at LACNIC.

Anyone interested in participating should have basic knowledge of the TCP/IP architecture as well as of the IPv6 protocol.

Divided into twelve modules, the course offers a general overview of the basic principles of security and presents the main security threats and types of attacks to which a network may be exposed. To view the full list of topics covered by the course ( in Spanish), click here.

Participants will also learn about the operation of a CSIRT and how to handle computer security incidents.

Rocha stressed that the course has a duration of 12 weeks — one week per module — and that each student is free to organize their schedule. “The modules have weekly start and end dates and times, and students have the chance to answer a questionnaire after each module to assess what they have learned,” added the LACNIC specialist.

Classes can be followed on any device simply by downloading the Moodle app.

In order to obtain LACNIC certification, after completing the twelve modules participants must pass a final exam.

The LACNIC Campus has become a well-established training tool for the regional community. In addition to the course on Network Security, the platform also offers training on Basic IPv6, Advanced IPv6, BGP and RPKI, and Network Management.

Click here to register.

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