LACNIC Campus Offers First Course on Network Management


LACNIC Campus Offers First Course on Network Management

LACNIC is expanding its educational platform and adding a new course to its online Campus offerings. The new network management training course is geared towards those who wish to acquire basic knowledge on networks and infrastructure.

Registration for this first Network Management course is free and will be open from Monday 25 March to Wednesday 10 April. “The course has been designed for anyone looking to acquire basic knowledge of network infrastructure,” noted Mariela Rocha, Training Specialist and the person responsible for the courses offered through the LACNIC Campus. Those interested in participating should register through the Campus platform.

The Network Management course will use open source tools to make it easier for participants to access the materials. It will be taught in Spanish in a self-study e-learning format, will have a duration of 12 weeks, and will require participants to commit approximately five hours a week.

The course will allow participants to consolidate their knowledge of the basic concepts behind network hardware and software management. Students will also learn how to operate a network and what the creation of a network operation center and recommended best practices involve. Finally, participants will learn about domain name resolution and how the process works.

Each module offers participants the chance to test their knowledge by completing partial tests. To receive the corresponding training certificate from LACNIC, participants must pass a final test once they have completed the twelve modules.

Click here to register.

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