LACNIC Campus Announces New Courses for 2020


LACNIC Campus Announces New Courses for 2020

This year, the LACNIC Campus, an online training platform designed for the regional Internet community, has added two new courses to its wide range of educational offerings.

These new courses are “IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks” and “Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC” (in Spanish). During 2020, the Campus will offer a single edition of each course.

These new proposals strengthen and expand the training opportunities provided through LACNIC’s e-learning platform, which this year will offer two editions of “BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI,” two editions of a new and updated version of the “Advanced IPv6” course, three editions of “Basic IPv6,” two of the English version of “Introduction to IPv6,” one of “Introduction to network security,” as well as one edition of “Introduction to Network Management.” In all cases, LACNIC will award certificates to participants who pass the courses.

What’s new. “IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks” has been specifically designed for engineers, technical staff, students and experts interested in furthering their knowledge on the deployment of this protocol, considering different access and last-mile (end user) network technologies. The course focuses on the practical aspects needed to understand IPv6 deployment in today’s three major fixed access networks (GPON, xDSL and HFC DOCSIS). Registration for this course will open on 17 February

In turn, “Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC” provides an overview of the management of critical Internet resources such as IP addresses, the DNS and Internet protocols, as well as various issues related to the use of the Internet in the LAC region and its impact at the social and economic levels. The program covers the Internet ecosystem and its architecture, as well as issues related to human rights and the Internet, the digital economy, cybersecurity and emerging issues. Anyone interested in participating in this course can apply starting next 6 July.

Continuing education. The LACNIC Campus has become a leading regional training center in matters related to Internet security, the IPv6 protocol, resource certification and network development. Last year, a total of 7,642 members of the community participated in the 15 editions of the different courses.

Approval and satisfaction. Campus participants inform a high level of satisfaction with the courses and their content (92% average satisfaction). It is also worth noting that more than 50% of those who registered on the LACNIC Campus completed the courses for which they registered and obtained their official certification, a very good level compared to the average figures for online training.

Each year, LACNIC reviews the contents of the Campus based on a survey conducted among the users of the courses and the training demands of the Latin American and Caribbean community. The students’ opinions have served as inputs to modify and implement improvements, as well as to provide new training formats.