LACNIC Campus: 94% Student Satisfaction


LACNIC Campus: 94% Student Satisfaction

According to the organization’s end-of-the-year assessment, in 2020 LACNIC’s online Campus expanded its offerings, met its growth targets and reached a general satisfaction level of 94% among its users.

Last year, LACNIC’s e-learning platform debuted IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks and Internet Governance, two new courses that joined its existing training course offerings which included Basic IPv6 (both Spanish and English versions), Advanced IPv6, BGP Basics and Introduction to RPKI, Introduction to Network Management, and Introduction to Network Security.  

The first edition of the IPv6 in Last-Mile Networks course was so successful that it led the Campus to organize a second edition not originally included in the training calendar. According to the survey conducted among course participants, this new training offering reached an overall level of satisfaction of 93%.

Since its creation, the LACNIC Campus has always focused on offering training on various topics in the field of technology. Last year, however, it added the course on Internet Governance, the first non-technical course to be offered through the platform.

Overall, courses participants expressed an average satisfaction rate of 94%.

Likewise, the number of students grew in relation to the previous year, with a total of more than 5,000 students participating in the 14 editions of the different courses offered in 2020.

Another significant achievement was the decrease in student dropout rates, as participants began to receive automatic notifications regarding the closing dates for the training activities for which they had registered.

“We have improved the quality of the contents on our e-learning platform, the courses are very educational and designed for students to easily assimilate the knowledge,” said Mariela Rocha, Head of Training at LACNIC.

Webinars. Another tool offered by LACNIC’s training department are the webinars it holds each year. In 2020, LACNIC organized 23 webinars and co-organized an additional 7 with various organizations and companies of the region.

More than 2,200 persons attended these webinars, which addressed various technical topics such as routing, geolocation, member services, and IPv6.

To conclude, we would like to invite you to take advantage of the virtual training opportunities offered by LACNIC this year.

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