IPv6 Training Now Offered in English for the Caribbean


IPv6 Training Now Offered in English for the Caribbean

In response to the requests received from the English-speaking community and the needs of our Caribbean members, LACNIC has decided to organize a series of training activities in English to help deploy the IPv6 protocol.

LACNIC’s training department decided to begin with three webinars on IPv6. The first of these webinars is “Introduction to IPv6,” which will be presented by Alejandro Acosta, R+D Coordinator at LACNIC, on 3 September.

Next on this list of activities is a webinar on “IPv6 Transition Mechanisms,” which will take place on 17 September, also presented by Acosta of LACNIC.

This first series of webinars will close on 1st October, when Carlos Martínez, LACNIC CTO, presents “IPv6: Global Trends and Statistics.”

These three webinars are completely free to attend. To participate, all you need to do is register here. Although the videos will be available after the webinars, joining each activity live will allow participants to ask questions and interact with the presenters.

In addition, the LACNIC Campus now offers an English version of the Introduction to IPv6 course for the Caribbean community. Registration for this course will be open until 10 September and classes will begin on 16 September. Click here to register.

“We are responding to a need expressed by our Caribbean community: the need to obtain training on IPv6 to help them in their deployment of the protocol,” Martínez observed.

According to LACNIC’s CTO, IPv6 adoption levels vary across the Caribbean, where some countries, such as Trinidad and Tobago, exhibit high adoption rates.

IPv6 adoption in the Caribbean averages 5%, while the average for the LACNIC region is 18%.



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