Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC: Registration Now Open (in Spanish)


Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC: Registration Now Open (in Spanish)

The LACNIC Campus announces that registration for the first 2021 edition of its course Introduction to Internet Governance in LAC (in Spanish) is now open.

With the support of ICANN and LACTLD, LACNIC has created a course that incorporates a more technical perspective on Internet governance. This makes this course different from others, which typically have a more social and economic focus.

The course offered by the LACNIC Campus seeks to interconnect social and political discussions about the Internet with the interests of the number’s community.

This course debuted on the LACNIC Campus in 2020, and more than 350 participants from across the region registered for its first edition. Among those who completed all the modules and the final test, the level of satisfaction was 98%.

Kevon Swift, Head of Strategic Relations and Integration at LACNIC, noted that this course is the result of the efforts of many regional actors with a Latin American and Caribbean perspective. “It marks an innovative approach,” he added.

The course is self-paced and will be presented in Spanish. Modules include aspects related to critical Internet resource management as well as various topics related to the use of the Internet and its social and economic impacts, such as human rights and the Internet, the digital economy, cybersecurity, and emerging issues such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Registration for this edition will remain open until 19 April, so click here if you’d like to register now. The next edition of this course has been scheduled to for September 2021.

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