2017 LACNIC Campus Learning Opportunities


2017 LACNIC Campus Learning Opportunities

In order to meet the growing demand for e-learning throughout the region, this year the LACNIC Campus is planning to offer twelve online courses on IPv6 and other topics related to resource certification and Internet security. Of the twelve courses to be offered during 2017, six will be “Basic IPv6” and four will be “Advanced IPv6.” We will also offer two editions of the new “Basic BGP and Introduction to RPKI,” the latest course to be added to the Campus offerings.

For each of the six editions planned for this year —the first of which began on 23 February— LACNIC Campus will offer 400 seats. The second edition is set to begin on 6 April, the third on 15 June, the fourth on 17 August, the fifth on 19 October, and the sixth on 30 November.

This four-week course is self-paced and the format includes watching videos, reading various texts and completing exercises before taking a final exam to obtain the corresponding certificate.

Advanced IPv6. In 2017 the Campus will offer four editions of the “Advanced IPv6” course, the first of which will begin on 30 May, with registration opening on the 9th of the same month. For the first, second and third editions which are set to begin on 11 July, 22 August and 3 October, LACNIC has reserved 100 seats.

This course lasts a total of six weeks. Classes are 100% online and tutored.

The “Advanced IPv6” course is aimed at anyone who want to further their knowledge of the IPv6 protocol.

New Proposal. This year’s latest addition is a new course titled “Basics of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and Introduction to RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure),” two editions of which will be presented by an expert on the subject.

During all courses, participants will have the constant support of the campus administrator, Maria Severov.

Anyone interested in participating in the courses to be offered this year must first register on LACNIC’s e-Learning platform, where the course schedule is also available http://campus.lacnic.net.

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