World IPv6 Day, a Test Flight Day around the World


World IPv6 Day, a Test Flight Day around the World

Wednesday 8 June will be a day of Internet experiments. Among other major organizations and providers, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Akamai and Limelight Networks, will offer their content over IPv6 during a 24-hour test. The motivation for this event − which has been called “IPv6 Day” and is coordinated by the Internet Society (ISOC) − is to motivate major web companies and other Internet industry players, including service providers, equipment manufacturers, operating system and content suppliers, to prepare their services over IPv6 to ensure a successful transition when IPv4 addresses are exhausted.

During “IPv6 Day” the new technology’s potential problems will also be exposed under controlled conditions and attempts will be made to solve these problems as soon as possible. The great majority of users will be able to access the services as usual, but in exceptional cases poor setup or faulty equipment may affect access to the websites taking part in the test. It is estimated that 0.05% of users may experience problems, although participating organizations are working together to minimize the number of people affected.

In any event, on 8 June those who do not have an IPv6 connection will still be able to use the Internet, except that they will use IPv4 technology.

A website has been deployed ( that allows users to know whether they will be affected by the test. By accessing this website you will be able to check your current connection and prepare. Participants will also work together to provide tools to detect problems and offer solutions.

In addition, ISOC has published a list of participants and other websites that will offer their content over IPv6 on 8 June on its website ( Those wishing to take part in the test and announce their website on this list can contact ISOC through

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