New Tool for Managing Internet Resources


At the beginning of the year LACNIC launched a new automated system for managing Internet resources (SARA) that was developed in response to an existing demand on the part of our members and which is part of the continuous improvement of our services.

SARA is a tool that allows significantly simplifying resource handling and administration on the part of member organizations when making sub-assignments to their clients.

LACNIC policies require that any sub-assignment of a /29 or longer prefix made by one of its members must be recorded on LACNIC’s resource administration system. For many organizations this implies an additional workload and duplicate work, as this requirement is additional to that of maintaining their own operational records.

In order to simplify this task and keep the records updated without any major problems, LACNIC has developed the SARA system, an automatic Internet resource administration software based on EPP (Extensive Provisioning Protocol). This system allows synchronizing the information on a member’s internal database with LACNIC’s database.

The system is based on EPP, a protocol in general use for domain administration, that LACNIC has adapted for managing Internet number resources. To connect LACNIC’s system with each company’s internal system, members must implement some minor developments using the libraries made available by LACNIC.

Members who wish to incorporate this tool should first use the beta version to test the system and assess the benefits it will provide. After this experimental stage they can access the final version of the system.

Although the use of this system is optional, LACNIC encourages its adoption by all member organizations.

To request access to the system and test the beta version visit: 

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