LACNIC XVI – LACNOG 2011: A Network Operators’ Meeting in Favor of Internet Stability.


During the first week of October (3-7 October) Buenos Aires will host the second major Internet meeting of the year – the joint LACNIC XVI / LACNOG 2011 meeting.



Just as in Sao Paulo in 2010, this meeting will allow combining an update on technical contents relating to network operation (LACNOG) with the search for consensus that will allow a better administration of our region’s resources (Policies).

DNSSEC, IPv6, security, fixed-mobile convergence, routing, interconnection, and network administration are some of the topics that will be covered during the event.

In addition, this year we will have the unique opportunity of welcoming three well-known Internet personalities who will be present in the region for the first time: Geoff Houston, Australian Internet pioneer and member of the Internet Society (ISOC) Board of Trustees and the Internet Architecture Board (IAB); Russ Housley, current Chairman of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the organization responsible for the development of Internet standards; and Olaf Kolkman, member of the IAB Board of Directors since 2006 and until this year Chairman of that organization. This will be a unique opportunity to listen to and interact with these personalities, who will share their knowledge and experiences on the challenges faced by Internet development.



This second meeting will bring continuity to discussions and the search for consensus on new policies that will allow responding to the current challenges our region is facing in terms of resource administration (IPv4 address exhaustion, IPv6 deployment).

Other highlights of the event include a panel of CTOs from various global and regional companies (part of ISOC’s ION event), a meeting of the region’s Computer Incident Response Teams (CSIRT/Amparo Project), an Internet Exchange Point Operators meeting (LAC-IX), as well as tutorials (Monday 3 October) on IPv6 security, DNSSEC (presented by Olaf Kolkman), and other supporting activities for those interested in resource certification (RPKI).

Just as in Sao Paulo in 2010, for the Buenos Aires meeting we anticipate a high degree of participation on the part of regional operators who will have the chance to exchange experiences and good practices both among themselves as well as with the experts that will be participating in the event.

For all of the above, we invite you to register and participate in this unmissable event.

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