Tutorials. Six training workshops have been scheduled: IPv6 (transition mechanisms, routing, and security), RPKI Resource Certification, LACNIC Resource Administration, DNS and DNSSEC, CSIRT Creation and Management. Details of the agenda can be found at:

Forums. The most important regional technical forums will meet during this week: IPv6 Forum (FLIP6), Regional Interconnection Forum (NAPLA), Network Security Forum (LACSEC), and Network Operators Forum (LACNOG). For more information, please visit

Public Policy Forum. Six (6) policy proposals relating to Internet resource assignment and allocation will be debated at the Public Policy Forum during the week, an excellent opportunity to participate and make your opinions heard. The proposals that will be discussed can be found at:

Member Assembly. This year is crucial for Internet resource management at global level, and the annual meeting of the organization’s maximum authority provides a unique opportunity for LACNIC members to participate. You can check out the agenda at:

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