“Guarantee the transparency” of the IANA Functions Stewardship Transition


“Guarantee the transparency”  of the IANA Functions Stewardship Transition

During its recent event held in Lima, LACNIC released a statement advocating that the CRISP (Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal Team) draft Service Level Agreement be completed promptly, with fidelity to the CRISP Principles, and made public immediately.

During the debate and public consultation with the LACNIC community on potential scenarios that might arise in the transition of the IANA functions stewardship, Oscar Robles, LACNIC’s CEO, shared the contents of the resolution agreed by the organization’s Board of Directors, which calls to “guarantee the transparency and bottom-up process followed so far by LACNIC, as one of the RIRs participating in the proposition assembled by CRISP.”

(Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRBeiUExWcs&feature=youtu.be)

LACNIC’s statement draws on the principles agreed by the ARIN Board of Trustees in a communication issued just days ago, and requests that “any comments or objections to the draft Service Level Agreement or its underlying Principles be provided publicly to CRISP on the mailing list (ianaxfer@nro.net), whether those comments originate with the RIR organizations, ICANN, or others in the community.” LACNIC believes that any feedback should be collected by the CRISP team, who should then facilitate discussion of any proposed changes using an open and transparent process.

In this statement, the LACNIC Board also reaffirms the need for the Service Level Agreement to describe the principle regarding “termination of the contract in the event that the IANA Numbering Services Operator fails to perform or cure in accord with the terms of the SLA.”

The LACNIC23 meeting also included a session during which information on the IANA functions stewardship transition and the CRISP Team proposal was provided so that the entire community would be able to understand the process. The session lasted almost one hour and allowed presenters and participants to share information and points of view, highlights of which included references to issues such as the deadline for submitting comments on the draft Service Level Agreement (SLA), which will remain open until 14 June, and the decision that the NRO must make regarding the Review Committee’s charter and composition.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBrWJPh3FF0&feature=youtu.be

More information: http://www.lacnic.net/documents/2474738/2816619/call-for-comments-announcement-v-es.pdf

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