Amparo Project: Committee Recommends Continuity and Strengthening Actions


Amparo Project: Committee Recommends Continuity and Strengthening Actions
Amparo Project: Committee Recommends Continuity and Strengthening Actions

Amparo Project: Committee Recommends Continuity and Strengthening Actions

On 7 and 8 April, the Amparo Project Steering Committee met at the LACNIC office with the aim of reflecting on and generating proposals regarding the current and future development of this LACNIC initiative.

The first phase of the project, which received financial support from LACNIC and the IDRC, Canada, is coming to an end. This first phase saw the creation of original materials with which more than 300 experts were trained at 7 regional workshops. Financial support was also provided to 5 original, high-value research projects, and studies were conducting regarding the financial impact of computer security incidents as well as regarding needs and possible horizontal cooperation models at regional level.

The Amparo Steering Committee expressed their satisfaction for the accomplishments that have been achieved and acknowledged the speed with which the project has advanced and the richness and quality of the actions that have been implemented, as a broad platform of professionals has now been created around the region that will be capable of massively deploying new formal computer security teams (CSIRTs) in Latin America and the Caribbean in the upcoming years. The consolidation of the space generated by the project will allow cooperation initiatives between different regional groups to appear, thus further strengthening the actions of the Amparo project.

At the same time, the Committee noted the need to communicate the results that have been achieved as well as to provide continuity to the workshops and strengthen these actions by incorporating new technical materials, new workshops for trainers, and promoting security team meetings for exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Raul Echeberria, Executive Director of LACNIC, committed the organization’s support to the new phase of the Amparo Project, as well as to the search for new partners that will allow providing continuity to these actions and implementing the proposals resulting from this meeting.

The Amparo Project Steering Committee is made up by noted computer security experts from our region who personally provide guidance and methodological support that serve to constantly enrich the execution of the project. The prominence of its members represents a seal of quality for the Amparo Project.

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